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Google Chrome’s Anti-Malware Blocking Improves by 340%

According to a recent report, Google Chrome was able to block four times the malicious sites as it could a year ago, yet Firefox 4 did a much worse job than the previous year.

Unfortunately for Chrome, it was still pummeled by Microsoft’s IE9. Internet Explorer easily retained the title, according to NSS Lab’s 2011 browser anti-malware technology study.

During a two-week period in June, NSS threw a massive number of malware links at each browser, in an attempt to test their effectiveness. While Chrome showed vast improvement, blocking 13.2%, Internet Explorer 9 still scored seven-and-a-half times better.

According to the NSS results, Explorer issued a warning message with over 96% of the harmful URLs, with its Application Reputation feature blocking another 3.2%, for a combined blocking rate of 99.2%.

As impressive as that sounds, it is only a 0.2% improvement from 2010.