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HP’S TouchPad Coming Back, Briefly

HP has decided to continue production on its TouchPad tablets, at least for now, partly because of an explosion in customer demand. Of course, that explosion can likely be attributed to the price-cut the tablet was hit with in early August. The device originally debuted at $500, yet dropped to $99 as retailers tried to clear out remaining units.

The original $500 price tag was the same cost as an iPad2, yet the TouchPad couldn’t compete, even though it was greeted with warm reviews. Less than eight weeks after it arrived, HP said it was being pulled from their product line.

The price drop may not have been financially feasible for a long period of time, but it did solve HP’s immediate sales problems. Tablets then started to fly out of the stores, and now the company is announcing a final production run of TouchPads, to be sold at the discounted $99 price.

It is unclear how many will be produced, or when they may hit the stores, so it’s highly likely that their will yet again be unsatisfied demand. Regardless, the company has stated that production will wind down towards the end of 2011 Q4, one way or the other.