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The Importance of Data Security When Recycling Business Electronics

As anyone in business knows, what is on your computers is generally proprietary information that needs to be protected during its use, but what many may fail to understand is what happens to the information when a computer is disposed of. Not only does it need to be disposed of properly, simply deleting your information on your hard drives is just not enough.



The Importance of Data Security

Data security is extremely important for businesses because the information contained on the hard drives can be anything from bank accounts to information that is vital to the success of the business itself. Spying, especially on competitors, is not unheard of, and with the current technology available, it is not that difficult for others to get the information from your disposed computers. Consider this, computers are not the only sources of information that can be tapped into. Businesses often have important data on scanners, printers, notepads, servers, discs, and mobile phones too.

Is Taking Matters in Your Own Hands Secure?

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that by simply wiping their hard drives with the latest computer program they are safe from hacking. The truth of the matter is that your critical data is still recoverable. With a wealth of business information left vulnerable, including personal information and critical data with customer information and other proprietary information, the best and safest way to eliminate those issues is to have a company that specializes in totally removing any and all information from your electronic devices. They also need to know how to properly dispose of this electronic equipment in a manner that is environmentally safe.

Real Data Security by Real Professionals

Disposal should be carefully done so that the many electronics inside the computer, many with toxic levels of compounds and chemicals that are dangerous to nature and even human life do not negatively affect the environment. Computers contain mercury, lead, cadmium, selenium and other dangerous compounds so consideration as to how they’re disposed of is a concern since they will affect the surrounding ecological area.

Don’t’ Let This Happen to You

Just imagine some of the companies you work with, such as credit card companies, banks, government agencies, doctors, and lawyers. Now, imagine that your computer was thrown away or donated improperly and it ended up in the wrong hands. Wouldn’t it be terrible, if your information happened to show up on the 6 o’clock news? No matter how innocent the information, it tends to be twisted into something fairly negative. Do not simply dispose, or use an useless application to try and get rid of your critical information, hire a company that specializes in data removal the right way.