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A Guide to Recycling School Computers

Old electronic equipmentThe world of electronics, including computers, printers, video equipment, cell phones and other devices is always changing.  What was cutting edge a few years ago is now considered painfully slow and out of date.

When the new budget is approved and it’s time for schools to upgrade their equipment, the problem becomes what to do with the old.  Administration cannot just throw or give it away.  Security is important, as are environmental concerns, school district procedures and a possible source of income for the school.

University’s and Schools have a large number of computers, printers, monitors and other electronic equipment.  When it comes time to upgrade, it’s important to know which of these are recyclable and which are not.

Here’s a list of electronic devices and accessories that can be recycled:

Answering Machines
Audio Players
Audio Recorders
Cameras / Video Recorders
Cell Phones
Cords and Wires
Disk Drives
DVD Players
Fax Machines
LCD Screens
CRT Monitors
Phones – Cordless and Landline
Video Recorders
Video Players

In short, any electronic equipment, which plugs into a wall, has a cord, battery or circuit board can be recycled, as can the cords, wires and batteries that give them power to operate.

All schools will not have every one of these items, and not all electronics recyclers will accept all of them, but they all can and should be recycled, not thrown away.

When recycling school computers, always contact a reputable electronics recycling company, like Southeastern Data, and ask about procedures, are they the end processor, or do they hand off your electronics to another company for recycling. Other items to ask are the pick-up, reporting, certificates and data security procedures.

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Our next post will offer a step-by-step guide to packing these electronics and storing them for pick up.