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When Recycling Older Computers, Business Must Take These Steps to Protect their Organization

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We all know how important it is to recycle computers and electronics—at the very minimum everyone should be aware about the dangers and toxins--e.g. lead and mercury and other carcinogens—associated to the material some deices. If not properly recycled or dumped into a landfill these elements could end up in our environment, poisoning the water or air. But, recycling old computers or electronics is not just good for the environment, it clears up space, reduces the amount of clutter and decreases the risk of data from causing security breaches.

When It’s Time to Refresh Computers, Businesses Should Include These 3 Steps in their Plan

Southeastern data computer recyclingTechnology is changing with great speed. Office electronics, especially computers, become outdated every few years—and the cycle is becoming even shorter. What do you do when it’s time to refresh and upgrade devices in your office? By including these three steps in your plan, you can:

  • take the stress out of upgrading
  • protect your corporate data
  • have a solid e-recycling and disposal plan.


 Corporate Computer Disposal: What’s the Real Danger?

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With the speed of technology these days, companies often find themselves replacing employee computers nearly every year or two to keep up with software and hardware advancements or just plain wear and tear. For that reason, it often isn’t cost effective for businesses to reuse these machines and they are sent out for recycling or donation.

While recycling or donation is great for the business and the community, there is an inherent danger. If these machines are not properly sanitized, customer and corporate information could end up in the wrong hands and may lead to the theft of customer information or corporate liability.

However, if computers aren’t properly disposed of, there are two risks you should be aware of—data security or corporate liability and an environmental risk of toxic components or chemicals being released into the community and having a hazardous impact on the environment.

Many Computer Recycling Companies Claim They Sanitize Hard Drives, So Why Do We See Sensitive Data and Data Breaches Popping Up Everywhere?


Southeastern Data Computer Recycling Services

Appropriate corporate computer disposal is vitally important in today’s corporate world, and data security is a must. If your organization or corporation is recycling computers, the e-recycling service should include data wiping or data sanitization included in your computer recycling service. For data security to be sufficient each unit should thoroughly be wiped and sanitized or completely destroyed in an environmentally-friendly and safe manner that avoids any chance of compromise.


Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Many computer recycling companies skimp on the process in order to increase their profits, leaving unprocessed PC hard drives and electronics to be shipped overseas or dumped into landfills, leaving your corporation vulnerable and your devices a target for possibility of data breaches. So how can you avoid this breach of privacy when your business has obsolete or unwanted computer equipment? Trust your computer recycling needs to the experts at Southeastern Data. 


Your Source For Worry-Free Computer Disposal.
There’s a reason why SED is the computer recycling company choicen by government agencies, hospitals, schools and universities, corporations, municipalities and military installations in and around Orlando, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; North Carolina and Indiana. Our expert computer disposal services are 100% in compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), GRAMS-LECCY, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers (FCFT), Failure Free Operation (FFO), and follow the Department of Defense (DOD) and National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) guidelines for data security. Electronics recycling has never been easier and safer with Southeastern Data! At Southeastern Data, old and unwanted computer equipment is recycled, recovered or reused in the safest, most efficient and environmentally-friendly manner possible. Whether your organization is looking for a secure source for PC disposal, PC recycling, laptop disposal, laptop recycling, removal of computer waste or recycling computer parts, you can rely on Southeastern Data.


We Make It Easy to Recycle Computers.

As a leader among computer recycling companies, Southeastern Data understands how important the proper disposal of computer waste really is. That’s why our computer disposal services are always fast and hassle-free. Simply call us or complete the online form to schedule pick-up for your unwanted items, or drop off at our two warehouses in Florida or in Ohio. Computer equipment disposal and computer recycling services have never been easier! Click to see a full list of items we accept for e-recycling.


Computer recycling benefits everyone.

Seventy-five percent of all obsolete or unwanted computer equipment sits in storage gathering dust, while it could be easily be recycled and reused. With over 142,000 computers discarded every day in the U.S. alone, proper computer disposal needs to be a priority. Since 1996, thousands of customers in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have relied on the expert computer recycling services of Southeastern Data. When your company, organization, school, military institution or government agency needs highly skilled, professional assistance with computer disposal and computer recycling, we’re here to help.


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Old electronic equipmentThe world of electronics, including computers, printers, video equipment, cell phones and other devices is always changing.  What was cutting edge a few years ago is now considered painfully slow and out of date.

When the new budget is approved and it’s time for schools to upgrade their equipment, the problem becomes what to do with the old.  Administration cannot just throw or give it away.  Security is important, as are environmental concerns, school district procedures and a possible source of income for the school.

Southeastern data electronic equipment and computer recycling ewaste disposal services


While desktop and laptop computers play a prominent role in today’s society, they have actually been around for much longer than you might imagine. The mouse intended for computer use was designed by Doug Engelbart back in 1963, and this led to the popularity of the Commodore and Apple II from the 1970s through the 1980s. These devices quickly evolved from being very large devices to being something that we can slide into our desk or backpack.