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Some Common Recycling and Going Green Myths

Going green is a smart idea, as long as you don’t fall for any of these misconceptions:

#1 Myth: Going green will cost me too much money.

Fact: Some green products can be costly, but most are not. Furthermore, over the long haul, developing green habits saves money.


#2 Myth: All paper can be recycled.

Fact: Most types of paper are recyclable, but not all. Things like used napkins, paper plates and pizza boxes do not belong in your recycle bin.

#3 Myth: Foods that are organic are always more earth-friendly.

Fact: That is not always true, and it depends on where it is grown. A local banana grown 10 miles from your house is better for our planet than one imported from Chile. Just like anything else, buying organic foods involves weighing the plusses and minuses.

At Southeastern Data, we recycle your electronic devices both responsibly and securely. Since 1996, Southeastern Data has provided recycling & remarketing of all types of business assets, computers & electronic equipment. We can provide pick-up service to practically anywhere.

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