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Ways to Save Some Green by Going Green

Here are some more great ways to save some green while helping the entire earth to remain sustainable.

Save Water

  • Take shorter baths and shower to conserve water. This will also result in a decrease in your heating and water bills as well.
  • Put in a low-flow showerhead. They are fairly cheap and will result in instant savings.
  • Each faucet should have a faucet aerator. These are inexpensive appliances that conserve water and heat, while also maintaining maximum water pressure.
  • Many plants require little to no watering. Find these and plant them in your yard or garden.

Save Fuel

  • Ride a bike or walk to work or school. This will not only help you save on gas and parking, but it will also get you in better shape.
  • If you are employed far from your home, find out if telecommuting a few days a week is an option.