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Top Ten Ways To Go Green Part 1

There has been a growing concern for a number of years about what can be done to be more ‘eco-friendly’ and have less of an impact on our environment. The President has even created a green jobs program to promote industry that offers incentives for businesses to operate in a more ecological friendly way.

It is now generally accepted that the pollutants we create are at minimum speeding up the greenhouse effect, and at maximum, causing the greenhouse effect. This will not change overnight, but we as individuals can help in a manner that will go a long way to helping to reduce our footprint on the environment. There are many ways we can change the way we live to help reduce pollutants, or to recycle and lessen the need for new production of materials that have a finite limit, and it is very simply put, by ‘Going Green.’

‘Going Green’ simply means changing a few aspects in your life to making decisions and practices with a certain goal in mind. Anywhere we can cut corners, save material reproduction, and reuse things we already have, we’ve made a good start. If you are interested in ‘Going Green’, there are a number of things you can do to become involved in living as green as possible. Listed below are ten of the better ways we can ‘Go Green’. Some are more expensive than others, but if we want to have an impact and help lessen the ‘Greenhouse Effect,’ some sacrifices have to be made. Many of them are not really sacrifices at all, just a new way of doing things that actually make quite of bit of sense and will save you some money as well. These are not in any particular order, as they all will have their own specific and positive effects.

1. The limiting of pollutants from mechanized products

  • When next purchasing a vehicle, buy one that is more fuel efficient, or buy a hybrid. Drive less or carpool whenever possible.
  • Set your thermostat down a couple of degrees in the winter and up a few degrees in the summer.
  • Plan your shopping trips or other trips, so you’re not running back and forth.
  • Switch to Energy Star© qualified products when replacing your old ones and buy the energy efficient light bulbs. Wash in cold water, and if possible, hang them to dry.

2. Power sources. There are many, and varied sources of energy that we can all use as options to fossil fuels

  • Put solar panels on your house whenever possible. Even in areas where there isn’t a lot of ‘hot’ sunlight, they still produce energy. Pressure the sources to bring down pricing.
  • If you reside in an area that has a fair amount of wind, use wind turbines, especially the kinds you can put on top of your house. They are expensive to buy, but there is government and power companies that will offer to pay for them through their various programs, or at least give you a tax break.
  • Whenever possible, those that have access to running water, channel it through energy producing components.
  • Insist, and vote to require power producers to look for more viable power sources.
  • Always turn off your lights if not in use and any electrical products that don’t always need to be plugged in.

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