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Grand Opening Lends an Easier Way for Ohio Businesses to Recycle Computers and Electronics

Southeastern Data recently announced the launch of their new e-recycling facility in Columbus, Ohio. The opening comes on the heels of a successful service expansion launched earlier this year.

Just in time for the fiscal year to begin, and the school years end, Southeastern Data (“SED”) announces the grand opening of its second computer and electronics recycling facility in Columbus, Ohio. Opening its doors and operating for nearly 6 months now, the company has seen the positive contributions they have made by working with business, organization and other companies throughout Ohio, to keep electronics out of landfills. The opening comes on the heels of a successful service expansion that was launched earlier this year. In February, SED expanded its Florida E-Recycling capabilities and started accepting computers and electronics from Georgia, North Carolina and Indiana. 
SED receives all forms of computers and electronics from organizations, businesses, and government entities that no longer need them. If the computers are in optimal condition, they go to a special department for remarketing. There, a rigorous process performed which includes electronic sanitation of hard drive data, testing and upgrading preowned computers that are sold through various online channels. Rather than ending up in landfills, where electronics represent 2 percent of the waste yet contribute up to 70 percent of the overall toxins, SED recycles, reuses and refurbishes. Keeping these computers and electronics out of landfills is just one of the benefits to recycling computers and electronics, some of the computer components, electronic systems or industry specific electronic parts help new businesses, students and are an outlet for hard to find electronic parts or pieces for updating, replacing or adding hardware to existing devices--at a fraction of the price.
Each e-recycling facility hasa logistic and disposition infrastructure in place to properly manage the recycling or resale of old or surplus computer and electronic equipment.Additionally, SED delivers services to include mobile hard drive shredding, data sanitization and security services, asset management, e-waste processing as well as, certificates of recycling or destruction. They perform onsite pick-up for Ohio companies, organizations and businesses,and accept drop offs from residential customers at the facility.
“Southeastern Data’s success has been built on providing our customers with great customer service, quick turnaround times, and safe and secure e-waste handling,” said Michael Stubblebine, CEO of Southeastern Data. Stubblebine further adds, “We always planned to expand our services and are pleased the Oho business and community will have a way to conveniently and safely recycle electronics. There is a large volume of e-waste produced each year and we’re committed reducing the pollution and environmental hazards directly caused by it.”